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Many say London is the city of opportunity. When there are a million possibilities, you will always find the right one.

But when there are too many choices, which is the right one? Do you take this chance, or will you miss out on something better? By choosing, you lose out on all the other roads you could have gone down. You will never be satisfied, as you will never have picked the best. In a city with endless possibilities, someone will always have a better life than you. Someone will get the job you did not, someone will get the promotion you think you deserved, and many, many people will be more successful than you.

In a city of millions, everyone belongs. The chance of finding people who come from where you do and who like the same things as you, is infinite.

Where do you start looking for these people? In a city of millions, you get lost. Paths cross, but they may take us so far apart, our lives may never intersect again. When you make friends, you have to live up to their standards, because they have millions of others to choose from. When you are so easily replaced, you may be nothing but a fleeting moment in somebody’s life.

And then there is love. How difficult it is, to be unique to someone, to literally be 1 in a million, when there are millions. Millions of individuals, ordinary people, like you, each as unique as each other.

It’s hard to stand out when there will always be somebody who is better than you. A better artist, a better thinker, a better fighter, a better person.

So what?

Does this mean that we should stop striving? Yes, there will always be people who are better. Why should you let this discourage you from trying to be the best? Trying. And failing. But that is still better than not trying at all.

Find the courage to trust, to open your heart to people you meet, over and over again. With so many people to share friendship with, there are bound to be some that will stick around. You cannot be lonely in a city of millions as long as you reach out. And if you get replaced, when your friends move on, there will always be new friends to meet, different people to share your life with.

You will find that one person who loves you not for your uniqueness, but for your heart. For your drive to achieve something in life, your thirst for adventure, your positive outlook in the face of endless obstacles, your courage in the light of daunting failures. They will love you for not giving up.

So don’t give up, because your best is always good enough.

They say London is a city of dreams, but I say this is not true. Don’t sleep your life away, waiting for everything you wish for to fall into your lap. It is the city of opportunity, where what you get is what you make for yourself.

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Helene is a lifestyle blogger whose goal is to inspire others to live their life to the fullest. She loves dancing, and she would love to see as much of the world as possible!

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    November 27, 2014

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