Summer Packing Essentials Vol. 1 – The Beach

With summer on our doorsteps, many of us will be going on holiday! Rejoice!! Personally, I love summer, because I love sun, picnics, and…the beach! So for those of you going to the beach this summer, I have prepared a packing list of items that I think are essential for your beach holiday. Enjoy the list!

This will be the first of a few such packing lists for different types of destinations, so if you’re going on a hiking trip to the mountains this summer, I’ll have a list in store for you soon! (Edit: here it is!!)

By the way, I separate my recommended items into women’s and men’s, but that’s just a subjective categorization by me. Feel free to ignore and just do you!

  1. Flip Flops

Image by Khayra Bundakji on

Who doesn’t associate flip flops with the beach? (Maybe those who associate them with not getting foot fungus in public swimming pools. Not mutually exclusive though.) I cannot go to the beach without a pair of comfy flip flops to walk through the sand in. Any other shoes, and you end up taking all the sand with you.

Leave some sand for the others, and get yourself some flip flops, for example these Superdry ones that I own and find super comfy. The straps don’t cut and the bottoms are mold into the shape of your feet. They come in different colours and patterns.

Superdry also make these for men. Simple, functional, and sporty.

Glimpse of my flip flops:

navy and grey Superdry flip flops
Navy and Grey Superdry flip flops, size S for a 37 EU or 4.5 UK

Many more different colours, patterns, and models on Amazon, just keep browsing after you click on one of the links in my list:)

  1. Beach Towel

Image by Scott Webb on

Confession: I have been to the beach with a shower towel. It's not fun. First of all, you get sand everywhere. Second, you cannot chill on your towel because you have no room to spread out on it. Trust me, you need a beach towel.

Try one that comes in shades of sky blue, navy blue or sunny yellow or, if you're looking for something more luxurious, a microfibre towel big enough for 2 people (or 1, if you want extra space to yourself).

  1. Beach Bag

Image by Yaoqi Lai on

A good sturdy bag is an essential for any beach excursion. Ideally, it can be thrown around the sand without being damaged, and house all your items. A cute Tote bag is multifunctional, and will look good for the beach as well as for some city tripping.

For guys, I would suggest either a drawstring gym bag, or, for more active outings, a hardier waterproof bag that you can use for different trips (beach, camping, hiking...).

  1. Portable Phone Battery

Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo on

Since there aren't normally any outlets at the beach, you don't want to be left hanging with a dead phone. How else will you take beach pictures to make your friends jealous with??

I purchased a portable phone battery by Anker a few years ago, and it’s honestly been one of my best purchases. It comes everywhere with me (because my phone battery life sucks). It’s small and light (82 grams), comes with a good pouch for storage and charges through standard micro USB. You’ll have to purchase the charging cable for Apple devices separately, though.

Here's mine:

anker portable battery
It’s slightly smaller than my hand (I have quite small hands!)
  1. Sunglasses

Image by Sai Kiran Anagani on

Ok, so I’m a bit of a sunglass-nerd and possess no less than…wait for it… 6 pairs of sunglasses (excluding the ones I’ve lost and haven’t noticed). I think sunglasses are vital for a beach trip. Otherwise, you might make very squinty faces in your pictures, or worse, be blinded by the sun (you choose!).

Here, it really depends on you: do you want to bring stylish, expensive sunglasses (good if you are a responsible person and don’t tend to lose your valuables), or cheap ones you can throw around in the sand and take with you into the sea (good if you are scatterbrained and tend to lose your valuables a lot). I’ve done both.

For the higher-end, invest in some Ray-Bans. I mean, yes, there are good knock-offs out there but nothing beats the construction and style of authentic Ray-Bans. It’s a worthy investment in my opinion I’ve had mine for 2 years now, and I wear them almost every day in summer, I travel with them, and I’ve taken them to the beach! The ones I own are foldable into a teeny tiny shape:

For the lower-end, you can go with some classic and timeless aviators.



  1. Sunscreen

Image by Joseph Barrientos on

This is an important one and you all know it! The one I use is from Hawaiian Tropic, and it’s a dry spray oil. Even though some people say they find dry oil greasy on the skin, I actually found it lighter than creams. The coconut and guava smell is nice, albeit somewhat overpowering at first, but that disappears after a short while.

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Spray SPF 15

I use SPF 15 (Asian skin wins), but they have a whole range of different SPFs. They also sell aftersun lotions and other sun protection products.

  • The Hawaiian Tropic Sun range (Amazon UKESDEFR, not available on

If you prefer something simpler but still trustworthy, there’s always the established brands:

And for those of you who like organic products, here are 2 positively reviewed natural ingredient sunscreens:

  1. Water Bottle

Image by Felipe Cotrim on

Keeping hydrated is also important so that you don’t get sunstroke! Having a water bottle with me at all times is one of my trademarks. Especially when traveling, you don’t always have access to drinkable water, so a good bottle comes in handy.

The first one on my list is the Dopper, from the Netherlands. I bought one when I lived there, and it’s held up really well! It comes in a variety of cool colours in plastic, and there’s even a metal version. It’s BPA free, and produced with a zero net carbon footprint. 5% of proceeds go to clean water access projects in Nepal as well, so in addition to purchasing a practical water bottle, you’re doing something to help the environment, and giving to charity. What’s not to love?

Dopper Red Plastic Water Bottle

If you want to keep your water cold (and your coffee/tea hot in the winter), you can opt for a double walled bottle. The S’Well bottles are the new rage (ranked 1st in 2017 by Hydration Anywhere). Even though they’re slightly on the pricy side, the designs are top-notch, and they claim to keep your beverage cold/hot for 24 hours. That’s plenty of time for you to chill at the beach! If you’re looking less fancy, Chilly’s has different colour double-walled bottles too. Mine keeps my beverages cold/hot really well!

chilly's black double-walled water bottle

  • S'well Bottle (various designs on Amazon UK, ES, DE, FR, US)
  • Chilly's Double Walled, Vacuum Insulated, Reusable Water Bottle (Amazon UK, ES, DE, FR, not available on

That's it for my beach essentials packing list. I hope you enjoyed browsing, and most importantly of all, here's to the best beach holidays! Tune in again soon for more exciting content!


Check out my packing essentials lists for the city and for hiking here!

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  1. lauzieslifestyle
    June 4, 2017

    Great post. The portable battery is such a good idea. I have never thought of that before. x

    1. Helene Choo
      June 4, 2017

      Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. x

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    June 5, 2017

    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more post from you.


    1. Helene Choo
      June 5, 2017

      Hi, the pleasure is mine! Thank you for your kind comment, I appreciate it. Looking forward to new content from you too!

  3. That fold phone charger case looks so cool. And, for some reason, I never thought about the difference between a bath towel and a beach towel! Ha. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Helene Choo
      June 23, 2017

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it:)


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