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Let me introduce you to Sanjani from Chaos of a 20 something. She is a lifestyle blogger like me! It's really interesting that she's based in Dubai. I've never been there, so I was excited to learn more:) I hope you enjoy reading about her!

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sanjani shah hc lifestyle interview

Name: Sanjani Shah

Blog: Chaos of a 20 something

Fashion, Travel, Life and everything in between.


About Sanjani and her Blog

  • When did you start blogging and why?

I am actually very new to blogging. I just started 6 months back. Basically, I was so bored of my typical 9-5 job that I wanted to do something more exciting and creative and blogging seemed to be the answer. I have always been interested in writing and there is something that I always want to say. So, I just thought of starting it.

  • What topics does your blog cover?

My blog covers my travel stories and itineraries. Traveling is such a wonderful thing that I love to inspire as many people as I can to just go and travel.

It also covers lifestyle articles where I write about different kinds of day to day experiences from my life and more soulful articles.

I am also planning to launch a fashion section since am a fashion graduate myself and it is one topic that is very important and dear to me.

  • What does your ideal day look like?

Well, my ideal day definitely begins with getting up a little late than usual, because I am so not a morning person. Then the day begins with a cup of coffee (no jokes but I literally function on caffeine). I would then like to exercise because some physical activity helps me overcome my morning sickness. I am more of a cardio person and so I like cycling or running on the treadmill.

Then I would love to finish most of my work before lunch like replying to emails and doing all the social media for my blog. I generally do all of my content creating stuff post lunch.

And my ideal day has evenings free because I love hanging out with my friends over a cup of coffee or spending time with my family. It literally rejuvenates me and I love it more when I do that on a weekday. I prefer ending my day with delicious dinner over a movie or a good book.

I have 3-4 these kinds of organized days in a month and I would love to have more of them but motivation doesn't find you always.

  • What are your favourite pizza toppings and why?

I am a vegetarian and so I love veggies (broccoli, mushroom, onions, tomatoes, olives and bell peppers) with loads of extra cheese. Omg, I already feel like having one.

  • What's your all-time favourite quote?

I have a lot of favourites but my all-time favourite is this quote by Rumi which states,


“What you are seeking is also seeking you".



sanjani shah hc lifestyle interview

About Sanjani's Lifestyle

  • How would you describe your lifestyle?

There is nothing specific about my lifestyle because it keeps on changing. I have days when I want to lead a super healthy lifestyle and so I get up in the morning and exercise and eat really healthy and do all my work on time and then I have my unhealthy lifestyle where I am all night partying and getting up late and just procrastinating and eating unhealthy. I literally have nothing in between. Basically, I love living both the ways so my months are like a contrast of both.

  • Where do you live and what do you love most about the place?

I am basically from India but I recently shifted to Dubai for work and more opportunities. The best thing about this place is the Burj Khalifa which is 163 floors tall building. You can see it almost from anywhere in Dubai and it is beautiful.

  • What's your favourite outfit and why?

My favourite outfit would be a pair of jeans with a black shirt because it's classic and comfortable to wear. And it goes on most of the casual functions or normal meetings and if you accessorize well, you could wear it to a party too.

  • Do you wear makeup, and if so, what are your makeup essentials?

I simply love wearing makeup. My all-time favourite is a red lipstick (I just can't do without it). Besides, I have my compact, eyeshadow, and blush.

  • What's your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be a successful blogger so that I can leave my job and just be an entrepreneur. Also, I want to travel the whole world not like a tourist but like a traveler. I want to explore each and every corner and write stories about it and keep on inspiring people.

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