Review: Spiralizer (5-blade, for vegetables)

5-blade vegetable spiralizer

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Key features:

  • comes with 5 blades and 100 spiralizer recipes for inspiration (PDF format)!
  • white plastic
  • suction pads on bottom side

I bought this spiralizer around 2 weeks ago, and I've used it around 5 times now. Brief explanation on how to use this device: you squish the vegetable (zucchini, potato, carrot, use your imagination) between the holder (spiky thing) and the blade, then you turn the handle. And behold, the veggie noodles come out the other end! Very useful if, like me, you're trying to cook healthy and substituting carby pasta with veggie noodles. Great way to get your 5-a-day.

It comes deconstructed with the vegetable holder (top right corner), handle (top left) and platform (top middle) separated, like this:

2017-06-02 23.30.40

Bonus: you get a little brush, and a metal rod that I honestly don't know the function of...And then you screw the vegetable holder and handle to the platform and slide it into the base, voilà! This spiralizer also has a compartment below the platform that holds 2 blades, for storage.

This is what the blades look like:

2017-06-02 23.09.47


Minus points

  • suction pads don't stick very well
  • only storage for 2 blades
  • white plastic stains easily

The number one criticism I would have is that I can't get the suction pads to stick to the counter. My smooth, metal counter should be easily suctionable, but somehow it just doesn't work. However, I have now perfected the art of holding the spiralizer down with one hand and turning the handle with the other, and it works smoothly now.

Why would they make the spiralizer hold 2 extra blades when it comes with 5? That kind of confuses me. But hey, I just store the others somewhere else.

Since the spiralizer is white, and you're likely to use it with green vegetables (because zucchini noodles are yummy), some vegetable juices are inevitably going to come into contact with the plastic and stain it. In my opinion, no big deal apart from optics.

Plus points

  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • sturdy
  • cheap

It's very easy to use. The package also contains instructions, but I only glanced at them to make sure I was putting it together correctly. For the creative cooks among you, the manual also contains instructions on how to make different shapes of noodles out of the vegetables. Once you've put it together, you're good to go!

Since the whole thing is made out of plastic and all the bits can be separated, cleaning it is a piece of cake. You just screw off the vegetable holder, slide the platform and blade out of the base, and rinse the different parts under the tap.

When you use it, it feels like a nice sturdy piece of cooking equipment. The plastic is nice and thick, and the blades are very sharp. There are some cheaper alternatives out there, but I would argue that they might be made of flimsier material and so wouldn't last as long as this one.

For around 25€, this is a bargain! I've used it 5 times and I definitely feel like I've gotten the value out of it already. I just can't think of alternatives for making veggie noodles...chopping them would take ages!

Here is an example of what you could make with this spiralizer, and to give you extra inspiration, let me introduce you to my favourite spiralizer blog, Inspiralized! It has tons of recipes based on different veggies. After checking it out, don't forget to come back here though 😉

Other peoples' opinions

At the time of writing this post, this spiralizer had a rating of 4.5/5 stars by 71 customers on Amazon UK. The main positive consensus seems to coincide with my opinion, that the device is easy to use and clean. The negative reviews seem to say that you have to apply a considerable amount of force to the handle to spiralize the vegetables properly. Has not been a problem in my experience. One customer claims that it would not be suitable for someone with arthritis. I would agree with that.

Personal Rating


(My ratings are completely subjective and based on my personal views on usefulness and quality.)

Where to buy

If you want to start making spiralized veggie noodles, head on over to Amazon UK, Amazon ES or Amazon FR to buy this awesome spiralizer!


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