Review: Nike Running Shoes

helene choo Nike lunarepic flyknit low 2


Key features:

  • Winner, Competitor Magazine 2017 'Editor's Choice' award (according to
  • Flyknit upper for great ventilation and comfort
  • flexible construction for natural and snug fit
  • targeted sole cushioning for shock absorption

Drumroll...Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2!!

I purchased these when I started to get serious about running (4 weeks ago). Before that, I would run at the gym to warm up. I'd use different, cheaper shoes, and because of my flat feet, the bottoms of my feet would hurt. I realized that this was due to insufficient arch support. That is why these shoes are amazing. They provide a lot of arch support while also being light and flexible.

Women's: Buy on Amazon US, UK, DE, and FR

Men's: Buy on Amazon USUK, DE, Men's not available on Amazon FR

(unfortunately not available on Amazon ES)

helene choo Nike lunarepic flyknit low 2

Minus Points

  • expensive
  • not versatile

It was difficult to think of real disadvantages to this shoe. Yes, it costs a lot, but it's a worthy investment if you are serious about getting into running like I was, and you want to prevent long-term injuries. My feet still hurt a week after I switched from my other ones to these, and now they don't hurt at all anymore. However, I will say that if you are looking to run and go to the gym, you better get 2 different pairs of shoes, since these are not actually suited for the gym. I mean, I use them, but I mostly go to the gym to do some light strength training (nothing too serious).

Plus Points

  • arch support
  • breathability
  • flexibility
  • fit
  • style

As you can see, I'm probably a bit biased towards favouring this shoe. But I have to say, running in them feels so effortless because of the cushioning. At the same time, your feet don't overheat because of the Flyknit mesh. Then, the shoe bends with your foot when you run and you don't feel any resistance at all. As advertised, it fits like a glove (for your feet, so fove? oh wait, sock...)! And then there's the style...Oh my, I had such a hard time figuring out which colour I wanted to get, because there were so many!!

Other people's opinions

I went on to read the highest and lowest ratings of this shoe. The high ratings seem to praise its comfort a lot. However, the low ratings seem to be saying that there isn't enough arch support in the sole and that their feet started hurting while running in them. They also mention the fact that the shoe is quite narrow and might fit tightly. The shoe fits me just fine, but I guess my feet are on the narrower side. You might want to watch out if you have broader feet (all feet are beautiful, don't worry!) 😉

Personal Rating


(My ratings are completely subjective and based on my personal views on usefulness and quality.)

Where to buy

If you are looking to run (no judgments on how often you go!), these shoes will be a worthwhile investment.

Women's: Buy on Amazon US, UK, DE, and FR

Men's: Buy on Amazon USUK, DE, Men's not available on Amazon FR

(unfortunately not available on Amazon ES)

By the way, no filter and no alterations on these pictures! Hope you enjoyed the read! For more things you can use on holiday, check out my packing lists for the beachthe city, and hiking!


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