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pretty penny hc lifestyle interview



Hello, everybody!

Today on HC Humanize, we have Penny! She’s a photographer (how cute is that baby portrait??), and a lifestyle blogger. Enjoy reading about her, I certainly did!

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pretty penny hc lifestyle interview

Name: Penny

BlogPretty Penny

About Penny and her Blog

  • When did you start blogging and why?

I’ve been officially blogging publicly since June, so I’m still quite new to it all, however, I’ve always documented my life in one way or another. I grew up using Myspace blogs to ramble on during my teenage years, then made various LiveJournal accounts to document my life in my early twenties, but it phased out, as a lot of things do when you’re that age and I didn’t keep up with it. Two years ago, I made an Instagram account to begin documenting the developing relationship between me and my partner. I put photos up of things we did, places we went and used it as a day to day documentation of our life, and over time we decided it’d be a nice idea to document our life together using a blog, and maybe make a video diary using YouTube, as we are saving to buy our first home, get married and have children, and thought that these things would be nice to look back on one day.

  • What topics does your blog cover?

I faced this problem when I made the decision to make my blog because I don’t see my blog as having a single niche. I just write about my life, my hobbies, interests and passions, and use the blog as a place to share my thoughts and feelings about things that are happening in my life. I write about my experiences as a photographer, I study Forensic Psychology at open university so I’ll be writing about the stresses that come with that, fashion, relationships, love, life and happiness. I share any lessons I’ve learned, advice I can give and my future hopes and dreams. I hope that others can relate to some of the things that I share, and I love to interact with those who can relate to how I feel, or have been through similar situations. I’m always up for a natter, could talk for England and sometimes can get quite a bee in my bonnet.

  • What’s the biggest achievement of your life so far, and why are you proud of it?

The day I flew the nest and moved into my own flat was the proudest day of my life so far. I’ve always been extremely independent, and very proud to be. I’ve worked every day of my life since leaving school at 16 and was always brought up to understand and appreciate the value of money. I paid for everything I’ve ever wanted myself and achieved everything on my own. Learning to drive (and all the tests, cars, MOT’s, tax and insurance that went with it, which turned out to be one hell of an expensive process…) all my camera equipment and I even saved long and hard to have laser eye surgery a few years ago.

pretty penny hc lifestyle interview

My parents taught me that if I wanted something, I had to go out, work damn hard for it and earn it, and if I couldn’t afford it then I simply couldn’t have it. So in a way, I spoiled myself, but I worked hard for a lifestyle that I wanted, and I got it. But, in amongst everything that I worked so hard for, I was still living at home, and one day I just decided that it was time I stood on my own two feet and finally flew the nest. I saved up enough money for a deposit and a few months rent and finally got the keys to my own front door, and finally felt like I’d earned the title of “Little Miss Independent”. Living on my own taught me so many things, and I’m so pleased I did it. It was the proudest, scariest and happiest time of my life, but I needed to prove to myself that I could make it on my own. I learnt so much about friendship, life, self-acceptance and self-love during that time. And I also finally learnt how to use a washing machine too.

  • Who is the biggest influence in your life right now, and why?

I could probably pick a style icon with really cool fashion sense, a pop star or another celebrity of some kind, but instead, I’m gonna strip it back to basics and consider who’s really important in my life. My family. Sam, my parents and my brother.

My parents, because they gave me everything I have. My morals, my loyalty and everything I am come from the life they gave me and the way they brought me up. Although I’m nearing 30, I still look to my parents for guidance on a lot of things. I hope they’re proud of the person I’ve become, and I’ll always think of them as huge influences in my life.

My not-so-little brother. He’s grown up to be someone I’m so, so proud of, and I know I can always turn to him in times of trouble. He’ll always be there to give me reassurance when I need it or tell me that I’m being a bit of a muppet. He’ll always tell me the truth, he’ll always answer the phone and I know that whatever happens, he’ll never let me down.

And Sam. Since meeting Sam, he totally turned my world upside down in the most amazing way. He brings out the best in me and always keeps me grounded. Words literally cannot express how much I love him. He loves me so much even when I know I’m not the easiest person to love, and just a smile from him is enough to get me through the darkest of days.

pretty penny hc lifestyle interview

When you think about the real people who influence you as a person, people who you look to for inspiration, reassurance and love… they’re often right in front of you.

  • What’s your all-time favourite quote?

There really are so many beautiful, inspiring quotes out there. A few that I love from the late, great Marilyn Monroe, or a few ancient proverbs that blow my mind, but if I had to choose just one, I’d choose one simple sentence that I use every single day.

“Actually, I can.”

I spent a lot of my life not doing things because of the “what if” scenario. What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work? What if it goes wrong? What I really should have asked myself was.. but what if it doesn’t?

Never underestimate yourself or your capabilities, and never feel as if you need to justify yourself, your actions or your decisions to anyone. You can be whoever you wanna be, you can do whatever you wanna do. A little self-belief goes a long way.

So next time you’re worried about doing something, or someone puts you down and tells you that you can’t do something, just stand up straight, look them straight in the eye and say, “Actually, I can.”

About Penny’s Lifestyle

  • How would you describe your lifestyle?

I work hard and play harder. My raving days are long gone so I’m not out on the razz every weekend or anything like that, but I spend my free time with my partner, family and friends, making the most out of life. My partner and I work opposite shifts which is hard but we make sure we have a date night each week, (which I talk about in this blog post: ) and we’re always finding new places to explore.

I work nights as a recovery support worker, supporting people with mental health issues and addictive behaviours. I study a BSc degree in forensic psychology and I have my own photography business, so I’m quite a busy bee and have a lot going on all the time, but it keeps me on my toes.

  • Would you change something about your lifestyle, and if so, what?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m a strong believer that everything you did was once exactly what you wanted. So, if something in your life makes you unhappy, change it or get rid of it.

Life is far too short to spend the time you have left on this Earth wishing things were different. If you want something changed, change it. Otherwise stop wishing things were different, get out there and live for the day.

pretty penny hc lifestyle interview
  • What gives you confidence in life?

Remembering that I can do anything I want to do if I put my mind to it, and not letting anyone bring me down. It took me so long to learn to love myself, I don’t have that kinda time to convince anyone else, and people are gonna judge you no matter what you do anyway, so I’m just gonna live my life the way I want to, reminding myself that it’s perfectly fine if things don’t go to plan and having faith that somewhere along the line, everything will fall into place and work out for the best. It definitely has so far.

  • What is your favourite hobby?

I love anything and everything creative. From photography to interior design, as long as I’m doing something creative, I’ll be happy. You can always find me on Pinterest, buzzing around trying out a new craft project or changing rooms around, buying new furniture or home decor. I also love exploring new things with my camera. I’m just beginning to learn bits about videography and video editing, which is all good fun.

pretty penny hc lifestyle interview

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I hope you liked reading Penny’s interview! I’m sure you’ll also enjoy reading about the other awesome people I’ve interviewed so far?


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