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hashtag viajeros hc lifestyle interview

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Today’s bloggers on HC Humanize are Laura & Sami, who run an amazing travel blog. Travel is their passion, you can really feel it from their answers. Take a look, and enjoy:)

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hashtag viajeros hc lifestyle interview


Names: Laura & Sami

Blog: Hashtag #Viajeros

Focused on travel on a budget, tips, travel guides, live abroad, volunteering & inspiration.


About Hashtag #Viajeros

  • When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging last year but getting more serious a few months ago.
The reason why we started this blog is because Sami, who is also part of Hashtag #Viajeros, came up with the idea that I have many things to share about my life experiences, our travels and living abroad in other countries that could be useful.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourismus & Hospitality Management and have been always interested in learning languages and travelling. Now I am happy that I can blog sharing these experiences and help others.

  • What topics does your blog cover?

Travel –All related to travel where we share travel guides and itineraries, how to travel on a budget, best things to do and tips

Living abroad –
Created to help others who are currently an expat or are thinking about the idea of living abroad. Here you will find how to find a job in other countries, volunteer programmes, recommendations and expat experiences

Inspiration – This section is focused on inspired others where we share interviews with travel bloggers, tips on how to learn languages and global initiatives.

  • What advice would you give someone who may want to start a blog?

It takes a lot of hard work and time but it is worth it!
It is a way to share your creativity and knowledge and to feel fulfilled because of that is one of the best feelings I ever experienced ?
Also, I will recommend writing about what you love, when you do what you love there is no effort on doing it and it doesn’t feel like work which is the most important part.

  • What is the thing that you have achieved in your life that you’re the proudest of?

I can be really mind-focused on something and not stop until I achieve it e.g. finish my career studies, living abroad, learn a second language, get a better job or get out of my comfort zone- these were my life goals that I already accomplished and I am really proud of.

  • Whats your all-time favourite quote?

My favourites are “Set a goal that makes you jump out of the bed every morning”
and “Do more of what makes you happy”.


About Travel

  • Why do you travel?

I can say hundreds of reasons why I travel but let’s keep it short!
The idea of simply organizing a trip makes me already so happy and fulfilled.
When I travel I feel a freedom that I am not able to feel on a daily basis. During normal days we are just worried about personal things, time schedules and tasks to do and when we travel all of these goes to a second level where is no longer in our minds and we just enjoy the present moment.

Travel also teaches me a sense of self-development, learn a new language (at least some words) and discover new places I have never been before.

  • What destinations are on your travel bucket list and why?

Australia and New Zealand because of their landscapes and the mixture between desert and forest, South America because I never been to any of those countries and I would love to travel for a short season on a road trip exploring the coast of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru- its nature and friendly people and Japan because of its culture and food- and because who doesn’t want to go to Japan once in a lifetime? ?

  • What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were traveling?

Lost my suitcase on a bus, then call the company bus to find it trying to speak in German (when I was clearly not fluent) and nobody knew about it.
After half an hour the bus driver luckily repeat the same journey so my suitcase arrived at the same location and bus stop while I was desperately trying to find it.

  • What are the 5 things you HAVE to bring with you on a trip?

1. Camera (of course): there is no best way to remember a trip as our memory is limited!

2. Notebook: to write everything that I think it will be useful to write on my blog later, e.g. tips, transport, routes, prices, best places to eat and see + some reflections and feelings during the trip

3. Vitamins & healthy snacks: during my trips, I try to eat healthy as much as I can to feel full of energy and not getting a belly ache or sick.
Don’t get me wrong! I love to try new food especially typical from the places I visit but

I try to take care of myself and have a break from caloric meals when I feel I need to.

4. First Aid Kit: stay safe is key when travelling! I always try to take with me some basic medicines, mosquito repellent (for tropical countries) and antiseptics.

5. Travel organizers: before every trip, I like to have a bit of organization- I have some travel printables where I write my packing list, itinerary and budget for the trip. I bring them with me together with all my travel documents like passport, boarding pass and relevant info. That makes me keep tracking my expenses and not missing any must-seeing place.
Check my must-haves travel essentials here!

  • What 3 things has traveling taught you?

The first thing is to open my mind, there are many countries with its cultures, ways of living and habits and in my opinion, there is no better or worst ways just different and exploring them is so special.

Secondly, travel can be challenging- sometimes you do not have your own comfy bed or you can get lost on transport but all of these moments teach you how to stand for yourself.

And lastly, I believe that travelling is a school but no books where you will learn so much about other countries, life, people and places.

hashtag viajeros hc lifestyle interview






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