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“India has been captivating travellers and explorers for centuries, let's read on to see why"

Location: Asia

Population: 1,342,512,706

Currency: Rupee

Capital: Delhi

Official Language: Hindi


Did you know that India is the largest country in South Asia and the seventh largest country in the world by area? India has a rich and diverse heritage, centuries of history, and cultures have left India as a goldmine for exploring and seeing sights such the numerous architectural wonders all over the country. India shares it borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Myanmar as well as with Pakistan. Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, all have sea boundaries with India. The country boasts a vast land with different climates, cultures, religions, languages, traditions and sights to reflect the centuries of history throughout the ages. Major highlights for travellers to India are endless, there are so many different itineraries you can plan, and being fairly cheap destination it is a great place to spend some time exploring all it has to offer.


India is a country packed with history and sights to blow your mind. Every state is unique from the food, the history, the sights, the breath taking architecture, wildlife reserves, and beaches you will find something here to suit your personal interests and to quench your wanderlust. We have put together a short guide on a few fabulous places to check out.


Let's go and explore India.

So Why Visit India? Top 20 Reasons

  1. It can be done cheaply (food, accommodation, transport, attraction costs and tours are cheap) unless you want luxury too that can be done in India too.
  2. There are endless places to visit from beach islands, ancient sites, national parks, markets, waterfalls, mountains, India has it all.
  3. There are multiple modes of transport to use to meet every budget.
  4. You can always find places with excellent weather
  5. It is located in Asia making it easy and cheap to visit other local countries.
  6. The railway journeys through the country are fantastic.
  7. You can learn about different religions and traditions whilst tasting delicious foods along the way.
  8. India has some of the best festivals in the world.
  9. The country is huge and you can tailor make your trip to your interests/budget and length of travel time you.
  10. You can have any type of holiday you desire from (backpacking, luxury, beach, shopping, historical, food, photography, wildlife) you will be lost for choice.
  11. You can stay in one of its palaces that have turned into hotels.
  12. You can take part in numerous volunteering opportunities for a good cause.
  13. You can have a spiritual holiday and do yoga and have Ayurvedic treatments.
  14. You can visit the Himalayas Mountains (the highest in the world)
  15. You get to experience cultural diversity.
  16. You can visit hill stations and tea plantations such as Darjeeling
  17. Take a trip to Cherrapunji if you want to experience something unreal these root bridges will leave you speechless.
  18. You can visit Karsha Gompa a Buddhist monastery in Zanskar.
  19. Take part in one of the vast Hiking experiences on offer.
  20. India is home to more than five hundred different tribes, each with their own way of life customs and traditions that have remained unchanged for centuries.


Taj Mahal

No trip to India is complete without seeing and visiting the Taj Mahal. which is located on the banks of the Yamuna River in Agra. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal where her tomb now lies. The building was commenced in 1653AD. The site it self is spread across 42 acres of land. According to sources online it is estimated approx 20,000 artists worked on the Taj Mahal which can be clearly seen today. The Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as an architectural wonder. The Taj Mahal attracts visitors from all over the world the last count was over 8 million last year.


The Red Fort

Red Fort is located on the bank of the Yamuna River in Delhi. This is also a very famous monument in India. It is known as the Red fort due to the distinctive colour of its red stones that were used to construct it. The construction was completed around 1684 by Shah Jahan. The Red fort used to be the residence of the royal family. The Red Fort is a magnificent building which stretches over 2 km down the length of the river and spans over 256 acres, the grounds are a delight to walk around in and it has a number of interesting buildings inside it. A bird's eye view of the fort shows it as octagonal in shape. Every year in India the Prime Minister does a speech from here to address the people of the nation. UNESCO named the Red Fort as a world heritage site in 2007 for its historical and cultural significance.


Havelock Island

If you are looking for a tropical beach island that is similar tot he Maldives but more off the beaten track, where you can bask in the sun looking at turquoise waters under palm trees, then head over to Havelock Island, which is part of India, it is the most popular of the Andaman Islands. You can take part in various activities to keep you busy such as snorkelling, diving, jungle treks, as well as enjoying the many food delicacies available. The island has gorgeous white beaches, in addition to a tropical jungle and coal reefs packed with marine life. A perfect place to relax and unwind.

Check out things to do and see here: Tripadvisor

havelock island india


Jaisalmer Fort

Is also a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. It is located in a beautiful place in India called Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. It is known according to sources online that is it is one of the most preserved forts in the world. The fort was constructed by the ruler at time called Rawai Jaisal in approx 1156AD. The fort was built on a hill that is approx 76 meters high. It was built with traditional Islamic architectural design. There have been many battles fought here over the centuries. The fort houses several buildings such a palace, houses, and temples within its grounds. If you visit the fort at sunset it looks almost golden in the sun. It is also the top tourist site in this city and a photographers dream.


Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is a state in the South Western tip of India. It was named by National Geographic as one of the top 10 paradises in the world and the top 50 places to see, due to its beautiful location and scenery. If you're planning a trip to India be sure to visit Kerala to see the beautiful backwaters and beaches in this state. You can stay a few days on a traditional boat house called a kettuvallam which can be very luxurious or even do a day trip around the waters in a traditional boat. The backwaters cover a huge area but if you want to get a taste days trips are the best way to achieve this. There are numerous lakes, lagoons and rivers that all meet up and when cruising the back waters you can see how locals live along the river banks and also the vast wildlife that is the area, a great place for bird watching and fishing. The scenery along the way is just stunning.

kerala backwaters

Ajanta Caves

Are located in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. In 1983 it was designated a world heritage state. The site has 30 Buddhist halls and monasteries all carved into the mountains. It is located approx 208 miles east of Mumbai. It is documented that the caves were discovered by accident around 1819. The story goes a British cavalry officer was hunting for tigers when he saw the caves and climbed up with his hunting team discovered the shrine. The caves are dated from the 1st and 2nd BC and are said to have been added to in the 5th and 6th century AD. The cave has art and sculptures that are incredible and a must see if visiting India.

ajanta caves india

Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are wildlife lover, the Bandhavgarth national park is the place for you, a stunning area with huge forests, this park is a natural gem. The park is rich in wildlife and you can do elephant and jeep safaris here to see the magnificent elephants and tigers. This is one of the most popular parks in India to visit, it is located in Madhya Pradesh. The park has the largest breeding population of leopards and deer it also has the highest amount of tigers in India. Lucky visitors have been known to see sloth bears too.



Located 60km from Chennai on the bay of Bengal is also known as the temple city, it was previously known as Mamallapuram, which was a town when the Pallava rulers lived here. This site has many temples and rock carvings, it was built around 630-668 AD. Experts say that there were seven pagodas or temples on the shores of Mahabalipuram. The site is a UNESCO world heritage site. The site has a huge rock known as Krishna's butterball it is absolutely gigantic and it is fascinating just how it balances, it weighs around 250 tonnes.

balancing rock india

Mahabalipuram became an important town for art, architecture, and literature. The Pallava kings constructed temples known as the Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram. Today only one of the Shore Temples remain visible. The other six temples are thought to have been submerged under the sea.

elephant car

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