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HC Humanize continues with a very unique blogger, Anna from Venture & Eat! In this blog, she combines her love of travel with her love for food. Those are also 2 of my favourite things ever! So I can totally relate to her. I hope you can too, and that you enjoy reading about Anna and her story.

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anna fatlowitz hc lifestyle interview


Name: Anna Fatlowitz

Blog: Venture & Eat

Venture & Eat is a travel blog focused on food where you’ll find guides for all the must-see and must-eat places for your travels.





About Anna and her Blog

  • When did you start blogging and why?
    I initially started blogging in college to document all of my restaurant adventures. I didn’t pick blogging back up in a serious way until my last job. I was working in marketing for a travel company, so I frequently got wanderlust. Blogging was a way for me to escape my 9-5 too, which I really disliked. Blogging has helped my mental health so much during that time, and I’m just so glad I found something I’m passionate about (other than my current day job!).


  • What topics does your blog cover?
    Venture & Eat has food-heavy travel guides, travel tips, budget travel tips, and travel product features. I’ve also recently started working on content to help other influencers/bloggers work with brands, from a brand’s perspective. My current 9-5 allows me to work with a ton of bloggers and influencers, and I love helping bloggers by sharing my experience.


  • What advice would you give someone who may want to start a blog?
    Don’t get discouraged and don’t believe all the blogging advice on Pinterest. Anyone can start a blog and grow it if you have patience and stay true to yourself and your audience.


  • What is the thing that you have achieved in your life that you’re the proudest of?
    I’d say that landing my dream 9-5 job is pretty high up there. I get to travel, eat, and work in social AKA Instagram Stories are on my resume.


  • What’s your all-time favourite quote?
    “Do it because you love it.” This rings so true in the blogging world. Your voice and your passion are what draws your readers in and what makes you stand out. Make sure everything you do in life that’s important to you is because you love it.

anna fatlowitz hc lifestyle interview

About Travelling

  • Why do you travel?
    I travel because I love to experience different cultures. Travel shakes up my routine and makes me appreciate all that the world has to offer in terms of the diversity of people, food, culture, language, and environment. I just love discovering new-to-me places and I love sharing that experience with others.


  • What destinations are on your travel bucket list and why?
    Japan has been on my bucket list since I was probably five. No joke. My dad works for a Japanese company and gets to go multiple times a year, and I’ve always been pretty jealous. I’m obsessed with the food and culture in Japan. I also eat sushi about 3 times a week, but really can’t wait to get my hands on some sushi in Japan.

    Bali is on my list since I really want a nice and romantic bae-cation with my boyfriend. Plus, he’s never been to Asia. We’ll probably do a Southeast Asia trip at some point.I’d love to visit Norway too so that I can climb up to Trolltunga. It seems like a great trip to unplug and just enjoy the moment.


  • What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were traveling?
    I made a lot of friends with restaurant patrons and waiters in Lisbon since I was by myself and essentially ate for two. I was literally the girl in the corner with a camera. #NoShame #ThePicturesAreAwesome


  • What are the 5 things you HAVE to bring with you on a trip?
    I don’t leave the house without a watch. I’ve worn the same Movado for the past three years or so.
    2. A DSLR camera because iPhone photos aren’t the best.
    3. Headphones
    4. A massive thin scarf I got at Zara that doubles as a blanket.
    5. A black leather jacket because it always comes in handy.


  • What 3 things has traveling taught you?

1. Traveling has taught me to be appreciative of what I have. My mom’s family is from a poor area of Thailand and seeing that area almost every year growing up really shaped my character. It puts things into perspective real fast.

2. I’ve also learned that you might not love your friend when you travel. It’s hard finding a great travel companion that you have to see every day and hang out with. Once you find your person, don’t let them go.

3. And lastly, travel has taught me to embrace the unknown and to take risks. I never imagined I’d be the type of person that likes to and can travel solo. It’s taught me that I can be pretty damn independent when I have to and that I don’t need to rely on others to make me happy. It’s a great feeling to know that you can make yourself happy.

anna fatlowitz hc lifestyle interview

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