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ivona harcar travels hc lifestyle interview

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Let me introduce Ivona and her travel blog! She's a witty Slovakian with a thirst for adventure. I love that she carries an angel to protect her wherever she goes. I should get a good luck charm to bring with me, too! I hope you enjoy reading her interview.

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ivona harcar travels hc lifestyle interview

Name: Ivona Harcar

Blog: Ivona Harcar Travels

If you enjoy reading articles about travelling, cultures and other interesting topics, be sure you are at the right spot!

About Ivona and her Blog

  • When did you start blogging and why?

I have never aimed to travel blog in my life until some of my friends randomly asked why am I not blogging when I travel so much?! It is impossible to come home from a trip and tell everyone your stories so this became a way to do. Which actually reminds me of many of my stories are still untold and that I have a lot of writing to do!

  • What topics does your blog cover?

My blog focused on travel and on everything connected with it. I am giving advice about places I have visited (such as Israel, Cambodia, etc.), but also about how can people travel better. The aim I have with my blog is also to make people travel more and leave their excuses at home ?

  • Where did you grow up and what’s your favourite childhood memory?

I grew up in Slovakia. Half of my childhood I have spent in a city, and the other half in a village with my cousins. Which automatically brings the memory of my first business plans! When I was 6, I have created a small pub with my cousin (he was the same age). We have built a small bunker with the table and chairs inside, created a drink menu, and were selling homemade apple cider to our friends for 5 Slovak crowns (approximately 0,30 €). My auntie was really surprised back then where do we have so much money from and where is her apple cider!?

  • Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My parents. My father left to the UK when I was 13, which showed me I should not be afraid to travel or work abroad (and I never was!). My mum is one the most amazing and strongest woman I know, so I cannot have a better support and influencer in my life ?

  • What’s your all-time favourite quote?

There are a couple, but the one I am also using quite a lot on my blog is ´It´s up to you´. I believe that some things in your life can be given but it is always up to you how to deal with them, where you live, who you are with, where you work… Your decisions are what counts.

ivona harcar travels hc lifestyle interview

About Travel

  • What’s your favourite country to travel to and why?

This is so hard to choose only one! So, Israel is my favourite for the clash of the cultures you can see there, USA for the natural wonders, Cambodia for the temples, Thailand for the food, Indonesia for the people and beaches, China for its history…should I keep going? Cos this could go forever ?

  • What 3 things has travelling taught you?

Be independent, be more open to the world and to the people, not to take everything so seriously (this is more what my friends in there taught me).

  • What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while travelling?

Haha, well again, there are plenty, so it is hard to choose only one! But somehow, I always end up having troubles with visa! While I was studying in China, I made a trip to Malaysia for Christmas. My visa was valid till February, but there was this weird line that said to enter the country before 16th December (which I believed was the date of the first entry as it was multi-enter visa). Well, to my surprise, at the airport it wasn´t! They refused me to board the plane, and I had to spend one more week in Kuala Lumpur in order to get a new Chinese visa. I was so ashamed that when I came to the Chinese Embassy, there was this question in the papers ´Have you ever been denied entry to the country? ´ I have confidently marked ´no´, which almost lead another extension. In the end, I got back to China for my exams just on time! A similar thing happened to me when I was entering Cambodia without passport pictures, or when I was investigated as a migrant worker by the US border police etc. 

ivona harcar travels hc lifestyle interview

  • What 5 things do you always bring with you when travelling?

I am always carrying a small wooden angel (who guards me), Chinese knot (that I believe brings me luck), my bracelet with turquoise (that protects me), and chocolate (cos I won´t be without it, and you wouldn´t believe how hard it is to get a good chocolate in some places).

  • What’s your favourite mode of transportation and why?

Trains and buses. I simply love them! You can relax and stare out of the window for ages while listening to the music, and when you ´wake up´ from this dream, you have reached your destination. ? For example, I also prefer buses to undergrounds, because it gives you a better view and orientation in the city, which is exactly why I loved to travel 1 hour to school by bus in London, when it took only 20 minutes by the tube.

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    1. Helene Choo
      September 6, 2017

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