This Is What 30 Days of Juicing Can Do

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This is a guest post by Mia from Juicer Info Zone. The most important thing to remember is to combine juicing with a balanced diet. Always take care of your health, promise me:)

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You have been toying with the idea of introducing a juicing diet to increase your minerals and nutrient intake. As a woman, you should know that in addition to health benefits a 30-day regimen of juicing will help in achieving hormonal balance. A woman is said to be comfortable when all the hormones are in check.

Look around you, and there is a likelihood of you seeing another lady with healthy and supple skin, bright eyes and has a lot of enthusiasm that accentuates her beauty. You no longer need to ask them why they look so radiant in appearance but instead start your fruit and vegetable juicing diet.  Since juicing avails essential nutrients faster because of ease of digestion, we will highlight some of the outstanding benefits you can get from a dedicated 30-day juicing plan.

1.      Hormonal Balance

As a woman, there are reproductive hormones that are said to be behind the different bodily processes. Depending on the type of diet you engage in, you can either be happy and energized or always be fatigued and sickly. Juicing feeds your hormones with enough nutrients that enable them to work effectively as chemical messengers. When the hormones work as expected, the brain, ovaries, fat cells will work to regulate the flow of hormones into your bloodstream so that you only get the desired reaction at an appropriate time.

A dedicated juicing diet also helps in regulating the reproductive hormone such as the follicle stimulating hormone. This balance of hormonal activity is what keep away bad things such as stress, irritability, and poor nutrient absorption into the bloodstream.

A healthy woman is she that increases her fruits and vegetable diet by intruding juicing to ensure that your fertility is improved, get a healthy and regular reproductive cycle, and ultimately reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

2.      Improved Health and Wellbeing

When you introduce juicing into your diet, it means you are consuming more plant-based foods that will play a significant role in weight reduction, and this will give you more control over your blood sugar. When you are not overweight, there is a likelihood that you will not produce excess hormones that will destabilize your emotions.

3.      Detoxification

Our contemporary diet demands that we offer support to the liver in the detoxification process. The best and the easiest way to achieve this is through a dedicated fruit and vegetable juicing diet that will enhance and speed up the detoxification process. This plays a significant role in the elimination of toxins and excess hormones to create a balance in the body. A 30-day juicing program will prove to have healing effects on the liver especially when its function is sluggish due to fat infiltration. To increase your metabolic rate, juicing helps stimulate the growth of new liver cells and revitalizes the liver.

4.      Improved Immunity

Juicing brings all the nutrients together in one serving and also the fact that digestion has been made easy means you get an increased level of vitamins that help in boosting your immune system from common ailments.

5.      Managed Cravings

Your daily dose of fresh fruit and vegetable juice means that your body cells have the required amount nutrients to support cellular functions. When this happens, you will no longer have the urge to supplement this loss of energy with biting. When you reduce the urge to snack any other time, your food portion will reduce as you increase your juice intake and in the long run be able to lose weight.

6.      You Will Look and Feel Great

The more you get engrossed in a juicing recipe, your taste buds will start getting used to naturally prepared foods that are not laced additives. As you keep off the processed foods, your peers will start noticing your radiant skin, bright eyes, and strong nails.

7.      Dietary Fiber

As a woman, blending fresh fruits and vegetables automatically adds dietary fiber into your diet. Women of different age groups require specific amounts of fiber, for instance, a breastfeeding mum needs a lot of fiber to reduce the risk of constipation, get full faster and help you reduce your calorie intake.

8.      Juicing Benefits during Menopause

To manage menopausal symptoms effectively, a cold-pressed fruit or vegetable juice will help you handle the severity of symptoms associated with menopause. Drinking fresh juice on a daily basis helps flush toxins from the system and keep your body functions at an optimum.

Fruits and Vegetables that Balance Your Hormones.

You may wonder what specific fruits or vegetables to use in your 30 days of juicing to achieve the benefits outlined above. But as a woman who is keen on keeping a healthy reproductive lifestyle, the following fruits will play a significant role in combating hormonal imbalance.

Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cabbage, and cauliflower that contain high levels isothiocyanates and indole carbinols that break down the harmful estrogens to guard you against reproductive cancers.

Avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, beetroots, carrot, pineapple, watermelon, apricot, and oranges are also vital in regulating the hormonal levels in the bloodstream.

A Tip

A juicing diet is a healthy recipe, but we do not recommend going on a juice fast that involves consumption of fruits and vegetable juice only. This will reduce the chances of you getting all the necessary nutrients that your body needs and you will always be low on energy because an exclusive fruit and vegetable juicing diet has fewer or no calories to support metabolic functions. Regulate your juice intake to minimize the number of calories if you are on a weight loss program.


To get the best out of your 30 days of juicing, make sure that you get as many colored fruits and vegetables to increase the variety and flavor as you seek a healthier life by regulating your hormone levels. A healthy lifestyle is solely dependent on staying away from junk foods and avoiding body care products that may change the way your hormones operate. Always remember that a 30-day juicing plan has to be supplemented with a properly balanced diet to get the full benefits of juicing.

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