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HC Humanize is a new blog post series featuring interviews with interesting people. Many of them will be other bloggers, but there will also be people who I come across in my daily life.

The first person to be featured in my new blog post series is Kez from Acacia’s Dreams.



“I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger from Perth, WA, who’s recently moved out, gotten engaged and become a mummy, to two fur babies! I like to keep my blog real, and relevant to mine and my readers’ lives!”



About Kez

  • When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging many years ago, back in 2013, and to be honest it was because I was bored. I had just stopped working full time and was about to start university. My blog wasn’t any good back then, I’ll be the first to admit that! But I got involved in the blogging community, and I decided that I actually really liked blogging, it was like journaling with a purpose! Slowly it has evolved into what Acacia’s Dreams is today!

  • What topics does your blog cover?

Mostly I try to stick to beauty and lifestyle, as those are huge topics in themselves! I also write about food, fashion, Perth events and locations, DIY’s, reviews, mental health, fitness and well-being etc… I could go on forever, obviously I never got the memo to pick a niche and stick with it, basically, if it is something that I come across in my life then I’ll probably blog about it! Haha!

  • What is your favourite time of day and why?

I love the mornings! I used to be a total night owl, and I never saw the sunrise (unless I was still up from the night before), but this last year I’ve completely swapped my lifestyle around. Mornings are my jam!

  • How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Compassionate, Friendly, Sensitive.

  • What’s your all-time favourite quote?

I’m not sure if this counts as a quote, but it really struck home for me!


Kez’ Lifestyle

  • How would you describe your lifestyle?

I’m a full-time university student and part time barista from Western Australia, I recently moved out with my fiancé and my two fur babies. So, as you can imagine, I keep busy!

  • If you could change one thing about your lifestyle, what would it be?

Haha, what a question! I guess, ultimately, I’d love for my partner and myself to be mentally healthy, but we are on this journey together, and what we go through makes us who we are in the end!


  • Do you do sports? And if so, what’s your favourite sport to do? And if not, why not?

Sports, not really, but I do dabble in aerial silks from time to time… I absolutely love it, although haven’t gone in about a year now.

  • What are 3 essential items you have to have in your handbag when you leave the house?

Well, number one, the most important item for me, my EpiPen! Of course, I also keep my wallet in my bag, a no brainer that contains the vital ID and credit card. I also like to make sure I am carrying some lip balm with me everywhere I go, and if possible, the lipstick of the day too!

  • What’s your morning routine?

Most days I’m working by 6.30am, so my morning routine isn’t as productive and efficient as I would like. Currently, most days I wake up at 5 am, turn on the heater (if it hasn’t been set to timer), check my social media quickly (we all do it!), then I get up and get straight into my uniform, I empty a bottle of dry shampoo into my hair and quickly apply some makeup (let’s face it, I wasted way too much time on Insta, we all do it!). I make sure I let the dogs out as I head into the kitchen, grab something to snack on in the car and rush out the door! Glamorous, I know!


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  1. Thanks for the feature Helene! I had so much fun answering all your questions xx

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