Travel Bucket List – 10 places to see before you die!

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Hi all you lovely people,

I thought this might be a fun and interactive one to share with you!

Of course, the title is a bit tongue-in.cheek and should actually say “places to see before I die”, because it’s MY bucket list, but this is catchier. It worked, didn’t it 😛

Just having some fun. Feel free to comment and share!

I would love to hear YOUR travel bucket list, and more destinations for me to adventure to someday.


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My Ultimate Travel Bucket List - MUST-see places before you die!

This is my travel bucket list of 10 places I would love to visit someday in my lifetime. Some are countries, some are cities... Many are places that have been recommended to me by friends and family. What are your travel bucket list places?


Metropolitan City of Venice

Metropolitan City of Venice

Ah, the beautiful city of Venice. How romantic! I picture waterways where I can float down slowly in a gondola. Dreamy, right?
Have you visited yet?




I've heard a lot of great things about Granada! Apparently, the city is very young and vibrant. Can't wait to check it out sometime! Have you seen Granada, and what did you think of it?




Many people say that I should visit Chile. I don't know much about this country and I'm willing to find out more!
Do you have any recommendations for traveling to Chile?




This has been at the top of my travel bucket list for a while! From the port of Sydney, to Melbourne, I would love to do a tour of the whole island! And of course, see the adorable kangaroos.
Have you been to Australia, and how did you find it?


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I want to visit Hong Kong mainly for the food! I've heard that the Dim Sum there is heavenly... Have you been?




I've never been to Japan before! From all the pop culture references to the food influences (sushi!), I'm curious too see what is true about all the things we learn. I also realy want to see the cherry blossom trees, they always look so beautiful on pictures! What are your thoughts on Japan?




Iceland is well-known for the Northern Lights and the hot springs, both things that I would love to experience!
I'm only a bit scared of how cold it can get there...What experiences have you had in Iceland?




Quite curious about Russia, since I've never been before. Moscow seems like a very cultural place with many things to see and do! What was your impression?




Another popular one that I haven't been to! I'd like to go and try the original Danish pastries there, and look at the minimalist style.
What are your thoughts on Copenhagen?




It's a big shame about the recent unrest...My parents have been there and told me it's worth visiting! I would love to go someday. Which places in Turkey do you recommend going to?

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25 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List – 10 places to see before you die!

  1. I’d love to go to most if these places too!! Unfortunately they aren’t quite as easy for me to get to for two reasons, firstly I’ve a severe flying phobia (I wish I didn’t because I love holidays!!) And secondly being disabled I have to plan plan and plan some more because not everywhere is very accessible!!!

    1. And that’s a shame! Yeah I really think they should work on that part!! Wish you all the best and awesome holidays in the future❤️

  2. I still have about a thousand places I want to visit! The Maldives is up there for relaxation and for adventure I want to go back to India and then up to do some trekking in Nepal. I haven’t seen enough of Europe yet either so there’s that too… so many options I hope to tick them all off my list one day. Plus there are heaps of places I want to go back to as well.

    I’m from Australia so I was excited to see us on your list… but just an FYI if you’re planning to visit the whole “island” as you mention it’s quite large… (we’re talking about 5.5 hour flight from one side to the other) so you probably want to leave yourself about a year if you’re thinking of driving around the whole country (that’s on my list of things to do one day too!)

    1. Hahahaha it would be amazing to travel around Aus for a year! Maldives are definitely a good one, I’ll add that to my mental list:) the beaches there look amazing! So many places to explore:) thanks for your comment!

  3. Oh my wanderlust alert! Those look like dream locations, hopefully I can get to some of them one day 🙂

  4. I’ve been to many beautiful places in my life which I’m thankful for but I still want to see more and all these places (espesially Hong kong) are on my bucket list. I have been to Turkey before and loved it.


    1. Awesome! I want to visit Turkey sometime, I can imagine it’s unlike any of the places I’ve been before!

  5. Go and visit Copenhagen, as soon as you can! Thank me later.

    It’s an amazing place.

    Some things you have to eat when you’re there;
    – Frikadeller – Meatballs
    – Kanelsnegl – Cinnamon rolls
    – Brunsviger – A cake made with a lot of brown sugar. Not good for the teeth, but good for the tastebuds.

    Some places you have to go to;
    – The Tap House; 50+ international craft beers on tap.
    – Tivoli, the worlds (2nd, I think) oldest amusement park.
    – Christania (if it’s running again) – Self-governing hippy community with it’s own “laws”.
    – Nyhavn – Picturesque harbour.
    – The zoo – Tonne of animals, naturally.
    – Frederiksborg castle – Stunning castle and surroundings.

    1. Wow, thanks for all the recommendations! You’ve made me want to visit even more now😁 I’ll definitely keep all of those in mind for when I go!

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