To me, indifference is the worst weapon humans possess. In the arsenal where weapons of mass destruction such as loathing reside, indifference is the poison that seeps into your bloodstream and causes gangrene to spread through your organs, until you are dead inside.

On a large scale, indifference manifests with the averting of eyes from catastrophe, muting your own voice. Monkey no see, no hear, no speak. It is the mass inertia of the people that does the biggest damage to mankind. 

Personally, I have experienced indifference in many ways. Imagine, at age 12, you are being bullied at school. The bullies gang up on you in the girls’ toilet, they have formed a ring around you and are taking turns kicking you, just for fun. You see your best friends’ faces through a tiny opening in the door, then, they disappear. You hope that they have gone to get help. They haven’t. After the turmoil, they say: ‘What were you expecting us to do?’.

In relationships, you fight, you argue, you make up. It’s when the fighting stops that you know the other person has truly given up. Where they once cared enough to make their opinion known and to work things out with you, now looms indifference, like the proverbial elephant in the room.  

By trying to make everyone feel like they matter, this venomous symptom can be countered. Of course, this is easier said than done, but: for humanity’s sake, please defend what you think is right, and fight against what is wrong. For your closest ones, be there, through good times and bad. And for yourself, be different.

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