All my emotions are so colourful. Jarring reds of anger, blues of sadness, yellows of joy.

The direction is always forward, towards a future that might be obliterated at any moment. Maybe that is why I live so hard. My fear of missing out on something, anything. It’s a sense of urgency that I can’t shake. The urge to feel everything there is to feel, to conquer life and come out with no regrets.

People tell me to take it easy. I want to scream in their faces. Why not squeeze every single drop of happiness out of each second? Why not laugh with abandon and dance until sunrise?

I want the people I care about to miss me when I’m gone. To have been a light in their lives, a source of comfort, a lot of laughter, and happiness. I want to make a difference in the world. To leave an imprint of me that will be thought of fondly and proudly.

That is what I live for.


(Photo Credit: Javier García Calleja – check out his blog!)



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